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By James|September 9, 2020Arch Viz|

CGI which I created for Lupe, illustrating the cleaner’s maneuverability and its upright capability on both hard and soft floors.

For the last couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lupe Technology Ltd. I was first commissioned to produce a series of CGIs for them to help market their new cordless vacuum cleaner, which back then, was under development. They needed some images to help show off the cleaner’s capabilities and help generate interest for their Kickstarter campaign. This was before they had a prototype that would have been suitable for real world marketing photography.

In this CGI I’m showing the cleaner in hand held mode, and with the floor cleaning head detached, the main body can be easily held in your free hand while controlling the hose with your other.

I won’t go into all the details of the cleaners design here, as I’m really not the best person, so please take a look at their website for that… but while I was staring at the 3d model of the cleaner on my screen and working with Lupe to produce these CGIs, two main things attracted me to the design.

A detailed cutaway CGI of the cleaning head, illustrating the composite roller with soft inner core, which conforms to different surfaces and any larger debris.

Firstly, that smooth squishy roller at the front; to me I could just really imagine it sealing in all the suction power, while at the same time conforming to, and rolling over larger bits of debris, to then be sucked up.

Secondly, the company’s emphasis on products having a long service and life cycle: Parts on the cleaner are not only replaceable but potentially upgrade-able in the future. I personally dislike products which seemingly encourage you to replace the whole thing every couple of years: As one thing breaks, wears out, or is apparently made redundant by a better technology. I found Lupe’s approach refreshing and something I feel more manufacturers should be empowered to do, so I decided to invest and preordered my own Pure Cordless Cleaner.

Which, after a bit of a wait, the other day I was very excited to receive in the post…

…and here is the real thing, looking very at home in our lounge. First impressions are great, again I’m no expert vacuum cleaner reviewer, best to go here for that…

But I must say, my hopes for that front roller seem warranted, it really does seal the dust and particles inside the head as you go over them. With none of them being shot out of the back which seemed to happen a lot with our old cleaner on hard floors.

Very pleased so far.

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