Interactive 360° Restaurant

By James|June 8, 2020Arch Viz|

So here is another way to view the restaurant project that I completed the other day. Below is a little interactive 360° tour of the inside of the restaurant. You can look around the room with your mouse or finger and then click on different positions to jump around.

Admittedly if this project had been created for 360° panoramas from the outset, there are a few areas of the model that I would have added more detail to. For example the area around the kitchen could do with a bit more work, because for the still CGIs this was only ever behind the camera or in the back ground of an image.

But this is a great way to examine the interior of an un-built property; with viewers being able to jump through door ways, from room to room. Even explore different possible alterations to an existing property. While not quite as fully interactive as 3d virtual reality, this is a very cost effective workflow to produce a 360° experience.

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