Happy Christmas

By James|December 22, 2020Arch Viz|

Just a quick post to say Happy Christmas and thank you for this year, to all my clients, both old and new. It goes without saying (yet it has been said a lot!), that this has been a strange old year, and I’m not sure that the next one will be any less so. But I’m pleased to say I’ve been pretty busy throughout, although last week I did find time to tidy my desk a bit, get some new prints hung on the studio wall, and make it look a little festive with a fiber optic tree left over from last year.

If only the real world was so neat and tidy! So easy to make changes and try things out. Or even if we just we had an Auto Backup, or at least a few ctrl+Zs. (un)fortunately(?) we don’t live in that one, we just have this one world.

Happy Christmas!

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