Lady Lane, Chelmsford

By James|May 9, 2019Arch Viz|

I was commissioned by the owner of this property and shop on Lady Lane, Chelmsford, to create a CGI of the potential redeveloped site.

Having a CGI done allowed them to try out various material and architectural-detail ideas. These tests were carried out at the draft image stage: Before rendering out the final image at full resolution and carrying out all the post editing, I always supply my clients with a medium resolution draft image.

This allows me to gain early approval of the camera angle, and if requested I can also experiment with various iterations of their design. Although these drafts are not quite as polished as the final version they can be helpful in the decision making process. Once approved, I can then take one or more of these versions to a finish; render them at full resolution, and complete the post editing. These images are then ready for marketing, planning, or further design.

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