Hatfield Peveral, Essex

By James|May 1, 2019Arch Viz|

Here’s a photomontage CGI which I created for a private individual of their home, which they were in the process of extending and renovating.

The main reason they were after some CGIs was to help decide if they should go for a render or weather-boarded finish.

Once I’d modeled two versions of their redesigned property, It was a fairly simple process to try out different colour options, door colours etc. until all were happy.

These images were created using my regular CGI photomontage methodology; combining a high resolution CGI render of the proposed property and landscape, with photography of the existing site and neighboring properties.

When CGIs are to be used for marketing or planning purposes, I would always recommend using a professional photographer: Better base photos create a better final CGI, and the higher resolution and quality ensures they will always be suitable for printing at all sizes and screen-use at full resolution.

That said, I’m always happy to work with photographs that are supplied to me. For private projects, where the images are not going to end up in a brochure or on a hoarding, the cost saving can be well worth it…

…and the end results still very good!

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