Henley Road

By James|December 4, 2018Arch Viz|

Here’s an interior photo-montage project that I completed the other day.


The image was going to be used to help demonstrate a potential promotional event.

I was supplied with the background photography of the existing space…


…and artwork for the proposed banners etc. The turn around for this image was quite short, so the focus was to efficiently create an image of an event that you would want to attend.


Even though on the face of it, there was not much modelling to do; as the building was already there in the photo, I still needed to mock up a 3d representation of the space in order to have the virtual banners and tables, positioned and lit correctly.


The people were going to be added in post, but to help me get their scale correct I added some basic 3d figures as a guide.


Tables with food and drinks were added to the model…


then rendered out…


isolated the bits I needed…


…placed into the photo, and finally people were added to complete the image.


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