Connaught St. London W2

By James|June 12, 2018Arch Viz|

Here’s a CGI photomontage I created for the redevelopment of 59 Connaught Street, London W2.59_connaught_street_after_cropped_002

The construction project itself was the restoration of a WWII bomb damaged infill site, and restore the terrace once more. You can see from the Google Street View below…


…that there was simply a gap left in the terrace.

Construction was already underway when I received the project, and I was supplied with the below photograph…


…for me to superimpose my CGI element of the proposed new retail unit, and residential apartments to the three floors above.

The scaffolding, sheeting and hoarding was actually covering a significant amount of the existing buildings, which required me to model parts the older building in 3D, then blend my new CG brickwork with existing parts in the photo to create a more seamless image.


The final image was used to market the retail space (shown in the CGI as a generic coffee shop), so cropped versions of the image were mainly used



However it’s nearly always prudent to work on a full image, then crop down to the client’s preferred size at the end of the process. This gives more options for portrait or landscape image formats, and any required bleed in brochures, or website designs: It’s easier to cut ‘bits’ off rather than stick them on!

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