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A slightly less well publicised aspect of my freelance work is the creation of 2D illustrations and graphics.

For the most part these projects go hand-in-hand in with my architectural visualisation work, in the form of drawing site plans for proposed housing developments…


and 2D floorplans, all for use in brochures and other property marketing material…

NEH001 Beech Grove Plots 2D floorplans 005

2d floorplan

SH-Apartment Block E 08-08-17 STRIPPED

Both the site and floor plans can be drawn from scratch, or using existing CAD as a basis. In any style required, to match specific examples and marketing material, or create a completely new look.

This 2D illustrative work also aids in the production of textures for CGIs, particularly on the examples below; where I have created textures for various custom LEGO Minifigures…

LEGO Uncle Sam

LEGO 006


I am a keen mountain biker…mtb

…many of the images I have produced for fun in my own time, (utilising my illustration and design skills for textures), have focused on this. Some of the images below managed to garner interest and positive reactions on various bike websites and forums, and from people actually involved in the teams at the time…

Sam Hill LEGO from back when he joined Specialized in 2009 (…almost ten years ago now!)


Brendan Fairclough LEGO from when he first joined Scott.LEGO_brendan_fairclough_001


Danny MacAskill LEGO.

1990s and 2010s Rob Warner.

LEGO Rob Warner

I produced images of the whole team for Dialled Bikes.

LEGO Dialled Isidore 1920a

In the last few months in my spare time, (started for a bit of fun) I have turned my attention to creating a detailed trail map for my local riding spot at Danbury Common. Recently, due to the hard work of a number of individuals, the mountain biking community which ride at Danbury have been coming together in a really positive way. Helping to manage riders actions; encouraging best practice in terms of interacting with other trial users, local residents and the landowners themselves. Hopefully this map can be part of that positive process.

Rather than encouraging more people to ride at the Danbury Common, nor even to help people navigate the trails while actually onsite. As far as I’m concerned, the intent of the map was always to further strengthen the existing rider community, consolidate and unify trail naming conventions, encourage best practice in terms of parking, litter, and general respect for what a special place we have in Danbury, and how lucky we are to be able to ride there.

Danbury Common MTB trail map 007 highest

Danbury Common MTB trail map 007 highest





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