What have I been up to?

By James|December 11, 2017Arch Viz|

It’s all been a bit quiet here on my website lately… while not wanting to roll out the glib excuse of, “I’ve been sooo busy” …however in this case, I’m pleased to say, it’s actually true. More significantly none of the CGIs I’ve been doing recently can actually be shown publicly here on my own site. So I had to find the time to do some which I can show you…

JD033 1920 scene

As well as the more regular property visualisation, I’ve also been working a number of projects creating computer generated images for manufacturers of office furniture. These have included both interior scenes similar to the above, and studio style product shots, all for use in brochures and on websites.

JD033 1920 3 001

It’s been fun modelling on a smaller scale, and possibly in more detail than, on a building project. While this particular model was not intended to be viewed quite as close up as the below images, it is satisfying that it stands up pretty well to closer scrutiny…

JD033 1920 6 001

JD033 1920 5 001

JD003 1920 4 001


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