Hope Springs

By James|December 3, 2012Arch Viz|


The other day I decided to make a concerted effort to try and complete (or at least get them to a stage where I can produce actual images) some of the personal CGI projects that I’ve started  but not found the time fully complete. Rather than have the models sitting on my computer doing nothing. So here is another one; a suspension fork from Hope.

I was pleased when I opened up the file to see that I’d done more of the modelling than I’d remembered. My original plan was to take it a bit further with the realism and detail in order to allow some really close up tracking camera movements along it, and create some sort of teaser video. I could also really do with replacing the top crown with Hopes own intergrated stem/crown which they already make, this would certainly add to the believability.

I think the dropouts are the most successful part, despite the crowns having the same material, they aren’t quite as convincing and could do with some more time spent on them.






A quick note for the uninitiated: These are computer generated images, the objects depicted do not exist, I have absolutely no connection with Hope, and these images were produced simply for my own satisfaction.

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