LEGO Danny MacAskill

By James|March 8, 2012Arch Viz|

Here are a few new images of a little thing I’ve just completed.

Possibly the most famous bike rider in the world at the moment, the amazing Danny MacAskill — and where else is he more at home than on top of a red phonebox?

So importantly, if you like these images and would like LEGO mountain biking to possibly become a reality then please visit this link and click on the big green ‘support’ button, then follow the instructions (Unfortunately Facebook ‘likes’ don’t count).

Who would have thought that a grey hoody and a Red Bull helmet would make someone so recognizable. I suppose that’s what happens when you get almost 30 million views on YouTube!

Please visit this link and click on the ‘support’ button, then follow the instructions.

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  1. trop bien j’en veux un xD

  2. where do i get one

  3. seriousley where can i get one

  4. Thanks for your comment, sorry I haven’t got back to your earlier. A technical problem was preventing me from logging into my blog.

    To answer your question, unfortunately you cant get this LEGO anywhere, they are all computer generated images. However if we get enough supporters here… Then LEGO might put it into production, do please support it! Thanks again.

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