Finished versions of the Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough Lego set images

By James|May 25, 2010Arch Viz|

Finished versions of the Sam Hill and Brendan Fairclough Lego set images. Complete with up-to-date kit, helmets, bikes, start gate, jump and box.

These images are computer generated, this means the figures don’t really exist. I have made them in my ‘nerd box’ as someone kindly put it.









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  1. j aime j en veux !!

  2. dude, that is freaking awesome.

  3. Thanks Jack, glad you like it.

  4. Ages 8 to 28 – LOL! Very tidy CGI. How many hours is involved in creating the image suite?

  5. Thanks AItch… I worked on this in the odd spare hour I had between other things, so I’m not really sure how long it took in total. Maybe around 3 or 4 days.

  6. DUDE! contact Lego PLEASE!!!

  7. that sooo sick dude!!

  8. Wow James. That is incredibly classy work. Have you entered the LEGO Design by Me competitions?
    If not already a member, it would be worth putting this stuff on or on the news boards in lugnet. AFOL’s would go ballistic over this stuff.
    Those little MTB’s would sell for a small fortune alone on EBAY.

  9. Thanks for your comments Mike, no I haven’t entered the LEGO Design by Me competitions, but I’ll look into it. I’ll have a look at the sites you mention too, thanks!

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  12. so when can we buy them ??? soon i hope ! very cool!

  13. Lego Mountain Biking has been submitted to the Lego Cuusoo site: If it gets enough supporters it could be made into a real set. Please support it!

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  15. my friends I’m from Portugal and would like to buy this set of lego on mountain bikes

  16. Thanks for your comment Ludgero, I’m pleased you like it, the only way anyone will be able to buy it is if it’s really made. Please go to and support it.

  17. WOooW Great Idea!!!

  18. i supported it on cuusoo i like it and i hope ik can bay it soon!

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